“I just wanted to take a moment and give a genuine ‘thank you’ for a VERY well-choreographed event!  You guys had it ALL covered.  I was happy to find porta-potties in the starting area.  Everything went smooth with getting my bib/ waiver signed.  Loved all the mile-markers posted out there.  The aid stations were VERY well stocked- I was impressed!!  And the cheering-rooting-encouragement at these areas- so nice!  Right after the first aid station, some guys were ringing bells and cheering on someone- I kept looking over my shoulder- 'Are they cheering ME on?'  I was the only person at that point, so yeah, all that cheering- just for me!  Very nice you guys!  And checking off runners at each station to make sure we’ve made it to each check point?  Wow.  You out did yourselves.  And then coming into the finish- saying who I was, a Forest Service Employee, etc.- very cool!  Thank you so much for an awesome race!  I’m sure I’ll be back next year !Loved the pint glass souvenir too!!”  

                             - #69,  Kelly Hack

Mike Kelly Sr #48 crossing the Finish Line  

Comments & Photos

"Just wanted to say what an awesome run! Trail was beautiful and well kept. The selection of after run drinks hit the spot, excellent food and all the volunteers and fellow runners were just plain awesome. Loved the intro to the run and the spunky announcer after. And the free camping was perfect for us travelers. 
Can't wait for next year!!!! By far my favorite race I've done. Great work!"

     -  #57,   Joni More

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Race Report: 2015 Hotshot Half Marathon:

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