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2022 Update: Sorry for the late update on the race this year. After discussing it for a while, we have decided to postpone until next year. We want to bring the race back in full force with no Covid restrictions, and since it is hosted on a government facility, we concluded it was best to wait one more year and let the pandemic settle more. Despite this, we encourage everyone to make it out and run the course as it is always open to the public. We have been working diligently to get the trail back to normal after one of the more devastating storms it has seen in years. Currently, the course is currently completely clear, although a little narrower in spots around root wads. We will make sure the trail is completely repaired and running smooth for the whole month of April. We are looking at running the course on April 16th at the normal 0800 start time and would invite anyone interested to come out and join us. This will in no way be a hosted event, which means no aid stations or support crews, so make sure to bring your own watch, hydration, and snacks. All the profits we raise from the event always go straight to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, and regardless of whether you run the course or not, you can’t go wrong with donating directly to them and helping to support all the incredible and difficult work that they do.

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